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martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

International Rum Festival: Rum Renaissance Miami Beach

Places like, Delano, Raleigh, Ritz Carlton, Epic and Mondrian.

The best brands of rum like, Plantation, Cartavio, Zacapa, Zafra, Clement, Abuelo, Diplomatico, Don Q, and others, has been tasting in a wonderful Festival at the best hotels in Miami.
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lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

The best sommeliers of the world, Chile 2010 Contest

The best sommeliers of the world Paolo Basso from Switzerland, Gerard Basset from U.K. and David Biraud from France.
The first place was for Gerard Basset from U.K.

jueves, 14 de enero de 2010


DAY 1 Saturday, April 10
AM: Airport Reception
Reception & Accreditation in Hotel Diego de Almagro Airport
Transfer to Colchagua, Check In Hotel Santa Cruz & others Colchagua
19:00 hrs. Press Conference I in Hotel Santa Cruz
20:00 hrs. Opening Dinner at Hosting Winery # 1
DAY 2 Sunday, April 11th
09:00 - 10:00 hrs. Presentation "Chilean Wine Regions" by Wines of Chile Hotel Santa Cruz (Alvaro Espinoza, Aurelio Montes y Marcelo Papa)
10:30-14:30 hrs. Visit & lunch at Hosting Winery #2
15:00-19:00 hrs. General Assembly Hotel Santa Cruz
15:00 - 18:00 Colchagua Wine Museum
18:30-20:00 hrs. Tasting "Carmenere: The Lost Grape" - Hotel Santa Cruz
20:00 hrs. Dinner at Hosting Winery #3
DAY 3 Monday, April 12th
9:00 - 18:00 hrs. Competition Starts - Hotel Santa Cruz
10:00 -16:00 hrs. Lunch & Wineries Visits (Tour, Tasting and Lunch) - 15 wineries - Colchagua, Cachapoal, Curicó and North Maule Valleys
18:30 - 20:00 hrs. Tasting "Red Wines from Chile" - Hotel Santa Cruz
20:00 hrs. Dinner at Hosting Winery #4
DAY 4 Tuesday, April 13th
09:00 - 15:00 hrs. Visit & Lunch - Host Winery #5
16:00 hrs. Check at Hotel W Santiago
18:00 hrs. Press Conference II at Hotel W Santiago
18:00-19:30 hrs. Tasting "Great Wines from Chile" Hotel W Santiago
20:00 hrs. Möet & Chandon Dinner Hotel W Santiago
DAY 5 Wednesday, April 14th
9:00 - 18:00 hrs. Competition Hotel W Santiago
9:00-11:00 Tasting "Cool Climate Wines from Chile" Hotel W Santiago 11:30-16:00 Tour, tasting and lunch: 15 wineries - Aconcagua, Maipo, San Antonio and Casablanca Valleys
18:30 hrs. Dinner at Hosting Winery #6, San Antonio or Casablanca Valleys Presidents Gift Exchange
DAY 6 Thursday, April 15th
8:30-10:00 hrs. Visit to La Moneda (candidates and presidents)
10:00 - 11:30 hrs. Tasting "Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Blends" Hotel W Santiago
12:00- 14:00 hrs. Light Lunch - Hotel W Santiago
15:00-18:30 hrs. Grand Finale - Hotel W Santiago
20:30 hrs. Closing Gala Dinner - Castillo Hidalgo
DAY 7 Friday, April 16th
Transfers to Airport or Wines of Chile Visiting Programs

For further information, please go to:

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Peruvian sommeliers teach in Mexico

Mexican Sommeliers, specilsts in the gastronomy field and fine beberages aficionados learnt about Pisco, Cigars, Rum and Sommelleire.

The well known Peruvian Pisco Specialist, Ms. Lucero Villagarcía, went to Cancun to talk about Pisco during the month of August, while the alcoholic beberage specialist & cigar connoisseur Mr. Jorge Irribarren went there in September to teach about Rum, Sommellerie & Cigars.

In the picture we see the Image Director of the Mexican Syrah Sommeliers Association Martin Embon, giving a diploma to Jorge Irribarren for his high performance, and receiving from him a bottle of the ultra premium Peruvian rum Cartavio XO-18 years. Both courses took place in the La Amada Hotel Cancun with the support of the Syrah Sommeliers Association.

lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Habana-Habanos 2009: Habanos, Culture & Marriage, La Habana-Cuba

The 3rd. "Simposio del Tabaco Habana Habanos 2009", in La Habana-Cuba, ended with a wonderful course of habanos and their marriages, organized by The "Museo del Tabaco".During the course, the participants could experiment the matches of habanos with coffe, whiskies, rums, cachaza and chocolates.

The cigars tasted:

Montecristo N°1
Partagás Serie D N°4
Partagás 898
Cohiba Siglo VI
Montecristo Petit Edmundo
Montecristo Edmundo
The peruvian San Martin robustos
Cohiba Robustos
Rafael González
H.Upmann Connoisseur N°1
Trinidad robusto extra

The beberages brands:
Whisky Chivas Regal
Ron Habana Club
Whiskey Jamesom
Ron Solera Cartavio
Whisky Glenlivet
Ron Varadero
Cervezas artesanales de la Cervecería La Muralla
Café Cohiba Atmosphere
Café Montecristo Deleggend
Café Serrano
Many experts in tobacco, coffe and alcoholic beberages from Peru, Cuba, Chile, Brasil, Argentina and Venezuela, join the course.
Jorge Irribarren From Peru, member of the APSOM (asociación peruanan de sommeliers) join Philip Ili from Chile, member of the "Asociación de sommeliers de Chile" in this event where they could taste the best cigars of the world.

The best cigar Cuban Brands as Cohiba, Montecristo, Trinidad, Romeo & Julieta, H. Upmann, Rafael González and Partagás were tasted in several meetings.

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

Best Sommelier of Americas 2009 contest in Argentina

A young Canadian sommelier from restaurant Le Local in Montreal won the APAS & ASI Contest of the Best Sommelier of the Americas 2009 in front of an audience of wine lovers in the hotel Panamericano in Buenos Aires. Second was her compatriot Véronique Rivest, third, the Brasilean Guilherme Corrêa.
For the Argentinian Sommeliers Association and his president Andrés Rosberg it was a real challenge to organize for the first time on the American continent this international ASI, Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, and APAS, Alianza Pan Americana de Sommeliers, contest , inviting many countries to select and send their best sommeliers (maximum two) to Buenos Aires. A great success indeed.
The semi-final including written and practical tests allowed, on Sunday May 31st, select three finalists among the fifteen candidates representing eight countries :
Agustina de Alba and Marcelo Rebolé, Argentina, Guilherme Corrêa and Tiago Locatelli, Brazil, Elyse Lambert and Véronique Rivest, Canada, Ricardo Grellet Almerighi and Hector Riquelme, Chile, Juan Carlos Flores Mazon and Marcos Flores Tlalpan for Mexico, Juan Pablo Figueroa Crisologo and Victor Kompanichenko for Peru, Fernando Beteta, USA, Malvy Medina Castillo and Marilis Susana Sanchez Orro for Venezuela.

miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

Chilean Wines Master Taste in Lima

The best sommeliers of Peru (APSOM) and some managers joined the Master Sommelier Hector Vergara (Chile) in the "Privao" of La Carreta restaurant. Well known names as Alan Cayo, Viktor Kompanichenko, Jorge Irribarren, Félix Martínez, Manuel Ramos, Juan Pablo Figueroa, Rodrigo Villasana...Some of the best red wines in the top line of Chile, like Altazor by Undurraga Cabernet Sauvignon 2005; Lota by Cousiño Macul Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot 2005; Chateau Los Boldos Gran Crue Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot 2005; Inédito Limited Edition by Calyptra 2003; and the exceptional La Cumbre by Errázuris Shyraz 2003.

martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

The 3rd. Panamerican Assembly of Sommeliers, Perú

Ended with an excepcional peruvian rum & cigars tasting (Solera 12 years old rum & San Martin Robustos) and a wonderful meal.
The presidents of Argentina, Brasil and Venezuela has received an special award.
Peru is the official country for organize the III Panamerican Assembly of Sommeliers. by APSOM (PERU), with the support of APAS (sommeliers of america) and ASI (sommellerie international). A meating where the presidents of all the panamerican associatios will join.

APSOM of Peru (asociacion peruana de sommeliers), in the way to join the ASI.

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2008

Master Taste in Santiago de Chile

The chilenian master sommelier Héctor Vergara received the alcoholic beverage specialist Jorge Irribarren from Perú, in his tasting room of “El Mundo del Vino”, Las Condes-Santiago de Chile.
Some of the best wines of Chile as a special selection of some particulars Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon (best chilenian grapes). Them, the journalist Mariana Martinez join the tasting, which ended with a wonderful lunch.


ASI congress and General Assembly in Russia 2008

12 of November - 13 November 2008
Moscow : Hotel 'Le Royal Meridien National'
15/1 Mokhovaya
Moscow 125009

13 of November - 16 of November 2008
Sotchi : Radisson SAS Lazurnaya Peak Hotel
103 Kurothey Prospect
Sochi 354003

Please consult the website Russian Association of Sommeliers for requests and reservations for your stay in Russia.



This year as 173 years before, the 174th Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany (München, Deutschland) has gave us 16 days of extream party.
Nice girls, tipically food & music, and of course the best beer!
Ein prosit...!!!!

Next Oktoberfest: from November the 19th to October the 4th 2009

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

Mr. Giuseppe Vaccarini's Intervieu: 2nd. Part

Jorge Irribarren, a Peruvian Alcoholic beberage specialist went to Milan-Italy, to intervieu Mr. Giuseppe Vaccarini, best world sommelier, Past-President of the ASI and ASi director.
The future of the ASI, the sommellerie field, the fake argentinian position number 10 in the world sommeliers contest 2004 and the peruvian ASI join
Jorge: How do you see ASI in 5 years more?
Giuseppe: Je! What I hope, more than I think, is that ASI must have a strong change, if not, it will definitely finish some day. We must been open to all sommeliers, not only by the associations, It’s not democratic, it’s not actualized. We have to be open to everybody, we have to change our bylaws into this direction, otherwise in more than a few years ASI could disappear, ASI will not have a future.

Jorge: So, but, what are the president, or you, doing to make this changes happens? Or what will you do against all this associations that don’t think as you?
Giuseppe: We have to work more on the sensibility of every presidents.
Maybe we will find resistance of some of them, because they have internal problems with their members and they think that if they do more changes they could probably have more problems. They are also worry about of loosing clients if ASI still accepting members in the Club, but they don’t see that if they open their minds allowing the both ways of association we could be stronger. We are trying to do it, but it’s not easy.

Jorge: So you are trying to convince them.
Giuseppe: To convince them that is a good step to do it. Some of them are convince, but some not, for this is that now we are not totally able to do this change, even if we want to.

Jorge: Do you think it will help if you are the president again, or you think that the actual president could do it properly with you out of this politically management?
Giuseppe: Je, Je, Je... Good question! Is difficult to answer this question, because I have a lot of respect to the actual president (Mr. Kostas Toulutmizni) He take his time to do many things, he think that people mature with time. I am faster, I don’t wait, some time is right, some time not, but it’s just a different way to manage the association, and I don’t think he is in the wrong way.

Jorge: What about the other countries that are not part of the ASI at the moment? What that the ASI is doing to make it well known to other countries that are not members? What are the possibilities of being a new member?
Giuseppe: I can tell you that we have more than 10 associations of different countries waiting for getting into the ASI.

Jorge: For example?
Giuseppe: For example Peru, Estonia, Ucrania, Albania, Georgia, Letonia, and there are much more.

Jorge: And for what are they waiting? Why are they waiting?
Giuseppe: Because they could probably are too news. They are more in papers than a real association, maybe not that big, or they are not really ready. We have had some problems with others that were not really association, so they didn’t act as a real association, for that is that the new rules doesn’t allow easily new members, every candidate for being a new member should probe that is a real association that works properly in the professional sommellerie field.

Jorge: So, talking about Peru, what can you tell us? What do we need to be part of the ASI? Are we in the correct way? Are you in touch with somebody?
Giuseppe: Well, we have some conversations, but first, I have to say that the communications with countries like Peru are so slow; there have been a lot of time to get answer for everything.

Jorge: But now we are here.
Giuseppe: Yes, it’s not personal, but well, as you know you have had internal problems, and that’s the only reason that make you not being part of the ASI.
We were already to accept your demand, but for the problems that you had (and still having, I think) we couldn’t. In fact, our commission will evaluate again your country and we see in a short future what happens.

Jorge: Do you have the name of the association?
Giuseppe: The only demand that we have is from the Union Peruana de Sommeliers, wich the president is Jackeline Rey[i].

Jorge: Is the only one who is trying to get into the ASI?
Giuseppe: Yes, and if we haven’t receive any other demand, one day this will be accepted. So, if there will be another demand we will think what to do.

Jorge: What do you think that Peru is missing for not being a member of the ASI.
Giuseppe: All the Know How of the professional sommellerie. Loose information and the possibilities of participate in all the international events.

Jorge: Talking about the world contests: Could you tell us about your personal experience as a participant and as organizer?
Giuseppe: As a participant I can tell you that things has change, now is more difficult. The difficult is in direct relation with the period, if there is an evolution of the profession the competition will be more difficult. As an organizer I had to be update to make the level so high. I have had a wonderful experience.

Jorge: Which contest have been the best for you?
Giuseppe: Hum... The one in Japan. In 1995

Jorge: Why?
Giuseppe: Because the organization was excellent, I could say perfect.

Jorge: Which participants impress you a lot?
Giuseppe: All the winners.

Jorge: Bernardo for example? He is really good.
Giuseppe: Yes, but it was not something new for me, also in the school he was really good.

Jorge: What do you expect for a candidate in a contest?
Giuseppe: That can show that is a professional sommelier.

Jorge: How many people are invited by the organization per country?
Giuseppe: In the next time 2 persons, and also some selection of journalists. The last time were 5, but it was economically heavy.

Jorge: Is there any ranking in the world competitions? Can a candidate have a position?
Giuseppe: No, its not allow to say a number of position , because we think that is not nice to give a position to candidates that are the best of their countries.

Jorge: Is there any support from the ASI to some candidate that is saying that he or she is in the position number 10, for example?
Giuseppe: Never. We never say that and we will never support that.

Jorge: What would you say or what would ASI will do with a person, that is saying that is in the position number 10. You already know that I’m talking about the fake position number 10 that Flavia Rizutto, the argentinian candidat, has invented.
Giuseppe: Well, we can’t controlled it at the moment, but if somebody ask us we will tell that is not true, she is lying, because there isn’t any official ranking. But nobody has asked us about that.

Jorge: Hummm… maybe because for us ASI, is quite far.
Giuseppe: Yes, we understand that.

Jorge: But this person is part of an association that is part also of the ASI, you could do something.
Giuseppe: Yes, in the last assembly we saw something about that, but nobody wanted to talk about it, you know, the ASI is formed principally for all the presidents, and the presidents doesn’t want to have problems with their colleagues, and that’s wrong, presidents are not really interested in the develop of the profession, they work much more for themselves than for the sommellerie field, for example when we tell every president that they could know about the results of their candidates, we had just 8 requests.

Jorge: Well, that’s not good. Talking again about the profession, which other topics beside wine, a sommelier has to do with?
Giuseppe: A professional sommelier has to do with all the beverages that go in the table: wine, water, soft drinks, beers, and every beverage that you can drink in a table. Also, taking in count the country where he is, for example in Japan a sommelier has to know more about Sake, in Germany beers, in Peru probably Pisco, etc.

Jorge: Thank you very much Mr. Vaccarini for this intervieu.
Giuseppe: You are welcome, but before we leave I have to tell you that in my class there are some students from Peru, and they are goods.

Jorge: I have a present for you, this is a Pisco from Torontel grapes, the brand is El Alambique.
Giuseppe: Yes I know, when I was in Peru I had to do a lot with Piscos and I know that this a good one. Thank you very much, and hope to see you soon.

[i] At this moment the ASI haven’t received the demand from APSOM (Asociación Peruana de Sommelier) which is now a good candidate to get into the ASI and have Alan Cayo as a president.